System Integrations

System integration allows all the systems you need to interact and transfer information from one service to another instantly.

Companies today often use a number of specialised and disparate systems. The choice has been based on the fact that a particular system is well suited to a particular phase or task. This leads to information being scattered in different places and not automatically transferred between systems. The disadvantage of disconnected systems is that data often has to be moved or copied from one place to another. 

Improving efficiency through integrated systems

With system integration, all the systems you need interact with each other and information is transferred from one service to another instantly. No need to waste time on routine tasks, as information is automatically forwarded to the right place. The need for system integration arises when information is stored in several different systems for different purposes. The integration allows you to enter data into a system only once and the rest is done automatically.

Well-implemented systems integration is more than just moving information from one place to another. Moving fragmented information between all the systems in use makes the entire business more efficient and the employees’ tasks easier. No time is wasted searching for or moving information or files from one place to another.

A tailored solution for all your needs

Smartium has implemented solutions that automate the transfer of data from one system to another, reducing manual work and errors. We have implemented system integrations at various scales for numerous satisfied customers. Whether there are two or more systems handling the same data, integration helps to centralise the flow of information and reduce errors.

All system integrations, system development projects and implementation methods are always tailored to the customer’s needs. At its simplest, our service can integrate just a few systems. At its most complex, a system integration creates extensive links between several different systems and coordinates a set of tools so that information flows seamlessly between systems.

Smartium is your partner from integration planning to implementation and maintenance. We handle all system-specific maintenance, verification and synchronisation processes to ensure that the integration works exactly as it should.

Customer stories

Examples of integrations for customer solutions


S-ryhmä manages millions of images, videos and publishing assets

S-ryhmä is a network of retail and service companies operating in Finland and owned by its customers. S-ryhmä has more than 1,800 locations and approximately 38,000 employees in Finland. Smartium delivered the WoodWing Assets DAM system to S-ryhmä in 2014. The system has gradually expanded to become a tool for the entire S-ryhmä and its


Sanoma Learning

Sanoma Learning is Europe’s leading publisher of educational materials. It operates in eleven countries, from Spain to Norway. In Finland, Sanoma Pro is the largest publisher of learning materials and a pioneer in the development of digital learning solutions. Smartium’s WoodWing Assets DAM system manages the Group’s nearly 7 million drawings, images, folding, video and


Product images and marketing material of Kiilto

Kiilto is a Finnish family-owned company that has been developing, manufacturing and selling solutions for the chemical industry for over a century. Kiilto employs nearly 1000 people in nine countries around the world. The WoodWing Assets DAM system supplied by Smartium is used to manage the company’s product images and marketing material. DAM is integrated

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