Data Asset Management (DAM) organises your digital assets

Digital Asset Management is a service that stores and organises all your company’s digital assets in an easily accessible format. With DAM all brand-related digital material is under one system. Centralised storage means you always have the latest updated version of the material you need at your fingertips.

Practical digital asset management saves time, money and effort

Businesses today spend a lot of time searching for the right information and files, moving them around and retrieving the right version. DAM provides an easy-to-use platform for all users to find the material they need. Having all your digital assets under one platform saves everyone time and hassle trying to find where the latest file is currently located. Knowing the exact location of digital material also facilitates collaboration between customers, resellers and other partners.

DAM secures the value of your digital assets

Do you know the value of your digital assets? Unfortunately, digital assets are being lost in companies every day. Material that has gone to a lot of effort is hard to find or stored insecurely in many different places. Reliable DAM takes care of your company’s digital assets, so you no longer spend time fragmenting your branded material all over the place.

With digital asset management, all your brand-related activities such as editing, searching and personalisation of your branded material can be carried out efficiently and without any extra work. DAM is a viable solution for anyone who wants to keep up to date with where and how their company’s digital assets are stored.

Your reliable partner from need to use

With Smartium, you get an easily scalable asset management system for all your digital assets. We will help you from needs assessment to implementation and maintenance of the complete system. We have curated a selection of the best tools in the industry to implement the best possible environment for our clients to store and discover their digital assets. Our numerous satisfied customers and strong track record show that you won’t be alone with your new system.

Smartium’s solutions include industry-leading DAM systems WoodWing Assets and WoodWing Swivle. We work on international collaborative projects with industry-leading consultants and companies.

Customer stories

Examples of digital asset management for customer solutions

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Aste: Wrike creates transparency and optimizes teamwork

Wrike is a modern digital work control panel. It gathers the information needed to manage projects and tasks for the responsible team members in one view. Wrike has enabled easy management and daily monitoring of marketing: planning, tasks, communication and materials can be found behind the same system. Within Wrike, it is easy to prioritize

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Effective project management supports Heku’s business

The Heku group is an expert organization for retail design and distribution channel marketing production. The company acts as a creative production partner for brands and companies. Heku’s production director Jussi Valkama explains how significant savings were achieved with the implementation of Wrike. Digital project management tools offer work efficiency and flexibility, but can cause

S-ryhmä Tuusulan hyllyistä otettu kuvituskuva

S-ryhmä manages millions of images, videos and publishing assets

S-ryhmä is a network of retail and service companies operating in Finland and owned by its customers. S-ryhmä has more than 1,800 locations and approximately 38,000 employees in Finland. Smartium delivered the WoodWing Assets DAM system to S-ryhmä in 2014. The system has gradually expanded to become a tool for the entire S-ryhmä and its

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