Havainnollistus monista eri työkaluista, joita käytetään sisällöntuotantoprojekteissa, ja sisällön jakamisen monimutkaisuudesta.

Content orchestration solves the content puzzle

Every day, marketing and communications teams share materials that go through some kind of workflow or approval process before they are published. Often these workflows and approval processes are made up of many disconnected parts. Sometimes they are put together at the last minute because there may not be an established policy for the approval

Kuvituskuva tiimityöskentelystä saman pöydän ääressä kannettavien tietokoneiden äärellä

Why do you need DAM if you already have a cloud storage service?

Cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive are shared services designed for storing and sharing files, with billions of users (Statista 2018). Cloud storage services can be accessed from any mobile device, tablet or computer. Cloud storage services also integrate with many other tools such as Zoom, Slack and Adobe, so you don’t

DAM- ja PIM-ohjelmistoihin tallennetut tiedot. DAMiin tallennetaan logot, kuvat ja ikonit. PIMissä ovat tuotteiden kuvaukset, lisätiedot, alennukset ja hinnat.

DAM and PIM – a lead in the customer experience

DAM and PIM in a nutshell With DAM (Digital Asset Management) you organise and manage digital content such as images, videos and text documents. Marketing is smoother when it’s organised, easy to find and accessible to the whole team. Marketing communications follow the same visual line for each marketing channel. PIM (Product Information Management) is

Wrike-työkalulla tehty somekalenteri

The most convenient way to make a social media calendar

Creating a successful social media presence requires interesting, inspiring and useful – in other words, diamond in the rough – content. But it’s not enough to post interesting content every now and then – you need a regular posting schedule. The key to achieving regularity is planning; plan your content in advance so you have