S-ryhmä manages millions of images, videos and publishing assets

S-ryhmä is a network of retail and service companies operating in Finland and owned by its customers. S-ryhmä has more than 1,800 locations and approximately 38,000 employees in Finland.

Smartium delivered the WoodWing Assets DAM system to S-ryhmä in 2014. The system has gradually expanded to become a tool for the entire S-ryhmä and its partners, replacing various stand-alone silos. Compatibility with Adobe Creative Cloud was and still is an important functional requirement.

S-ryhmä DAM has more than 1,000 internal and external users, more than 2 million images and hundreds of thousands of folders, documents and videos. Numerous integrations with various backend systems have been implemented for the automatic input, enrichment and distribution of product images to the various online stores and services of the S-ryhmä.

The S-ryhmä DAM processes almost a million transactions a day, reads in thousands of new files and delivers different versions of all kinds of material to applications and store sites via the distribution network (CDN).

The solution is described in more detail in a customer story published on WoodWing’s website: https://www.woodwing.com/en/clients/s-group

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