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Smartium is proud to provide best-in-class publishing and content management solutions as a customer specific, tailored service. We also sell traditional licenses, when appropriate.

Our services include workflow consultancy, installation, high availability hosting and service monitoring, user and administrator training, and continuous technical support – including SLAs.

  • Implementing and hosting a content solution in an AWS private cloud environment
  • Implementing a content solution in a local – or your own – data center
  • Expert consultancy and support for WoodWing Assets and WoodWing Studio
  • InDesign Server solutions from 2imagine, Axaio and others
  • Workflow solutions from Enfocus, and others 
  • Custom development and integrations for asset processing, PIM/DAM integration, specific backup and sync processes


We use carefully curated tools from different vendors to build, or help you realize, an optimal solution for your needs. Here is a selection of tools in our catalogue:

Publishing workflow

- WoodWing Studio, for true multi-channel publishing
- Dataplan Journal Designer, publication planning
- Enfocus Switch, for automating time consuming tasks
- CHILI Publish, online editing and pdf rendering

Digital Asset Management

- WoodWing Assets, infinitely scalable, fully API-based, clustering DAM
- Swivle, a ready-to-go DAM service in the cloud

Media processing

- Elpical Claro, automatic image enhancement
- PitStop Server, PDF preflight

Project management

- Wrike, versatile project management with automated workflows

Partners and collaborators

Smartium is an authorized partner for Adobe, WoodWing, Dataplan, Enfocus and other leading producers of specialized publishing, workflow and digital asset management software.

As a small company, we have focused on collaborating internationally with top consultants and companies in the field. This allows us to be successful with projects of any size, for local and multinational customers. 

Our key collaborators today include Kitano ICT (Netherlands), Aste Helsinki (Finland), Evolved Media Solutions (UK) and (Germany).


We have provided software and solutions for companies of all sizes, in various fields of business.

Here are just a few :


- Wärtsilä Corporation
- Nammo Lapua
- Kiilto Family


- Otavamedia
- Sanoma Learning
- Bonnier Books
- A-lehdet


- Otto Brandt
- S-Group


- Miltton
- Avidly
- Kreab Helsinki
- Hill+Knowlton Strategies
- Tekir


Smartium was founded in 2005 by Samuli Jokipaltio, to separate his software business from graphic design business. Smartium was one of the first partners of WoodWing, and it became quickly world renowned for innovative implementations.

Today Smartium works internationally, having its own technical staff and a network of international collaborators to realize solutions for customers of all sizes.

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